Window film can help shield home furnishings from fading and deterioration from the sun. In fact, the film blocks a full 99.9% of damaging UV rays. So your color schemes stay true, and all your furnishing - from the priceless antiques and artwork to your carefully chosen floorings and expensive draperies and upholstery - will retain their strength and beauty for years and even generations to come.


left window before tinting
right window after tinting


We use VISTA window film to protect your windows. VISTA protects children and adults alike while inside the home from an unprecedented 99.9% of dangerous Ultra Violet Rays. In fact, The Skin Cancer Foundation has recommended VISTA Window Film as a device for UV protection of the skin. No other window film can make this claim. Advanced Solar Technology is a part of the Premier group of dealers, selected by Vista as an installer of their products.


  • You want to protect your furnishings and draperies from premature fading.

  • Before you can watch television comfortably, you have to close your draperies, blinds or shutters.

  • During the daylight hours, your favorite room is plagued by harsh glare and heat.

  • You experience cold and hot spots
    throughout your home due to
    uneven heat distribution.




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