Why lose your view
when trying to block out the Sun?

Windows are designed to allow light to enter and for you to enjoy the view out. But, along with uncovered windows comes the problems with unwanted heat, annoying glare, costly fading and a lack privacy.  See-Through Shades offer sun protection and let your windows be used as they were designed.


Sunshades have been used for years in gas stations, convenient stores, drive up windows, auto dealers, retail stores, airports, restaurants, homes or any place that requires excellent heat, glare, privacy and fade control, while needing a clear unobstructed view out.  Heat is reduced by 74%, glare by 90% and 99% of ultraviolet rays are rejected.  Colors are dark gray, dark bronze or light gray.  


Hartsfield International Airport




SheerWeave is a PVC coated polyester or fiberglass woven material that offers an exciting new alternative to ordinary window coverings.  Ideal for restaurants, hotels, offices, retail stores and residences.  SheerWeave fabrics add beauty and elegance to complement interior decor while enhancing the quality of light and view from the window.  SheerWeave is available in various weave styles and colors.

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